The Drunk Girl’s Lips Were Just 1cm Away!! All Through High School I Was An Introvert Who’d Never Had Any Physical Contact, But Once I Began Attending a Technical School in the City Everything Changed!! I Live By Myself and Because the Place is So Close to Downtown, Female Classmates Who’ve Missed the Last Train and Are Totally Drunk Often Come By to Stay Overnight! Then They’ll Tell Me “It’s Not Comfortable to Sleep Like This So Let Me Borrow a T-Shirt!”!! Of Course, I Don’t Refuse Them, But My Self-Control Gets Maxed Out! After All, I’ve Got a Girl Sleeping Right in Front of Me Without a Bra and Just My T-Shirt and Panties On!! And Then There’s This, If She Turns Over Too Much While Sleeping, Her Lips End Up Just 1cm From Mine! This Puts Me Over the Edge and Having Made Up My Mind With No Further Regard For Consequences, I Land a Kiss So Powerful That I Can Scarcely Breathe!!
2.02 GB

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