Aphrodisiac-Induced Lesbianism Between My Daughter and Her Friend! In Order to Abate the Frustration of Having Been Sexless For So Long, I Summoned Up the Courage to Rent An AV and Mistakenly Got One With a Lesbian Theme… “Well, That’s OK!” I Thought and Watching It, I Was Fascinated By the Forbidden World of Lesbianism, Experiencing An Absolute Awakening! Filled With a Fresh New Desire, I Found Myself Thinking That My Daughter’s Friend Who She Regularly Invites Home and Whom I Never Gave a Second Thought About Before Looked So Cute and My Uncontrollable Desire Just Exploded! Though I Knew It Was Wrong, I Slipped Sleep Medication to My Daughter and An Aphrodisiac to Her Friend, And Now They Spend Their Days Engaged in Lesbian Sex
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