Or August origin as Minako Komukai model prisoners uncensored video is delivered

Article Summary
– First work on June 25, is delivered, then, the sequel is divided into several times a release
· Shooting took place while the leaves prison sentence after being arrested
– Pattern of model prisoners origin to much little early August than prison term expired as

Below, the history of Minako Komukai

2009 arrested in the Stimulants Control Law violations (first time)
In February 2011, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department takes an arrest warrant as was handed the stimulant, that immediately after the departure in Philippines
After returning home, and was arrested (second time), evidence insufficient disposal hold, release
In September 2011, AV debut. It becomes a big hit Uriageru 20 million bottles.
2014, carried out the whole body shaping, such as a pack to bust to suck the fat of the West in the United States Hollywood, evolve to the home of porn actress
February 2015, arrested in the Stimulants Control Law suspicion of violating the (third time)
2015 April stimulants control law violation of the (possession, use) prison is determination of imprisonment 1 year June
August 2016 Source (planned)

Entertainer has increased recently in the case to appear in AV, is the reality is that is not so unusual. However, uncensored (no mosaic) of entertainer video of that is hit is … There is no example in the past.
Meanwhile, article of “uncensored outflow of Minako Komukai” is published in Shukan Post, it has attracted attention at once to this unprecedented situation.
Speaking of Minako Komukai (Minako Komukai) Some have troubled such images, but the flesh is amazing. To fall out just slime milk, Nante raw dick can enjoy carefully in the uncensored, you believe?

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