As I Kept My Company-Provided Apartment So Messy, They Called For a Housekeeper to Come Over and She Turned Out to Be Young, Hot and So Very Cute!!! It Was Just Me and Her Here and I Felt Bad That I Had So Much Stuff Lying All Over the Place, But Also I Occasionally Noticed Her Panties Showing and Thinking to Myself, “At This Rate, I’m Going to End Up Doing Something I Regret… “, I Stepped Out As I Just Couldn’t Control Myself. But When I Came Back, She Wasn’t Cleaning, She Was Masturbating Away While Making Use of My Sex Toys and Pornos and Man, I Was Turned On! Since She Was Trying to Pleasure Herself, I Thought I’d Lend a Hand and So I Gave Her the Gift of Deep Penetration!! (HD)
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