After Pretending to Have a Cold, I Was Able to Lose My Virginity! Having Lost My Job the Other Day, I Was So Embarrassed As I to Stay With My Slightly Younger Sister Who Goes to College – One Day, She Caught a Cold and Had to Stay Home, And Then One Kindhearted Friend After Another (They Were All Cute!) Came to Take Care of Her! In Contrast, I’ve No Friends, A Loser Virgin Who’s Not Even Kissed a Girl and So I’m Really Envious of Her! I Also Wanted to Get Some Attention From My Sister’s Cute Friends So Pretending Also to Be Sick, They Tended to Me With All Their Heart and Moreover, I’d Get a Boner, Because I Kept Getting Sizable Flashes of Their Boobs and Panties – I Was So Afraid They’d Think I Was So Nasty! But Instead, They Devotedly Took Good Care of My Cock, Too!
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