In the Spring of Life As I Approach 40!? Due to Circumstances, I Had to Drop Out of School a Long Time Ago and Became a Freelancer, But Now I’m Determined to Make Things Right and So I’m Attending a Night School Part-Time!! My Classmates Are Delinquents and Bullies (But the Girls Are All Cute!) and I’m the Only Older Person… Of Course, I Was Expecting to Be Alienated, But to My Surprise, A Guy Like Me With No Charm Whatsoever and Who Should Not Be Attracting Attention Somehow Fits a Niche Here and Unbelievably, I’m Actually Popular! But Having Not Dealt With Girls in Such a Long Time, Just the Slightest Thing… Set Off a Boner! Thinking How Bad This Was, I Desperately Tried to Hide It, But Was Caught and Contrary to What I Expected, They Were Fascinated… No Way, Sexual Adolescence All Over Again!
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