“Brother, It’s OK If It’s Only a Short While, I Want You to Stick It In…”, The Tub is Narrow, My Younger Sister Just Got Into High School and She Wants to Jump In With Me!! Sure, We Get Along Well, But Being Grown Up Now, Of Course It’s Not Comfortable – Unlike When We Were Kids, We Keep Making Bodily Contact, Her Butt and Chest Keep Hitting Me!! Though I Know We’re Family and I Feel Ashamed, All This Bumping Has Given Me a Boner! I Was Unable to Get Myself to Leave For a While, But Finally I Had It and When I Emerged From the Tub, She Noticed My Stiffy and I Thought She’d Be Disgusted, But Instead She With Her Truly Big Tits Tempted Me By Saying “I Want You In Me For Just a Little While”! I Couldn’t Help Myself…
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