My Daily Life Had Been Devoid of Excitement As All I Ever Did Was Go Back and Forth Between My Home and School, But One Day My Older Sister’s Friend Came to Stay Over and Seeing Her Figure Clearly Through the Glass As She Took a Shower, I Stayed and Spied On Her While Sporting a Boner As I Was Separated By That Pane of Glass! Huh!? No Way… She’s Masturbating While in the Shower!? I Am So Lucky! I Thought to Myself I Wouldn’t Get a Second Chance to See Something Like This! While Dreamily Spying, The Worst Thing Happened As I Carelessly Got Caught By Her – But She Then Said “Please Don’t Tell Your Sister! In Exchange, I’ll..” and Grabbed a Hold of My Cock to Present a Sexual Bargaining Chip!!
1.44 GB

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