Everyone Found Out About My Severe Premature Ejaculation Condition!! Just the Slightest Touch Makes Me Unload. I’d Been Trying to Hide My Issue, But Somehow the Whole Class Learned About It and I Became a Laughingstock… A Girl Wanting to Amuse Yourself Asked Me to Show Her and Came Over to My House. She Said “Wow!”, Her Eyes Sparkling As I Demonstrated One Ejaculation After Another and Then She Touched It. As Would Be Expected, I Was Pretty Tired and Then I Said “If You Let Me Touch Your Boobs, I’ll Unload Some More For You” to Which She Replied “What?” and Though Hesitating For a Moment, She Was Unable to Oppose Her Curiosity So She Granted My Request and Allowed Me to Feel Her Chest! Soon, She Was the One Fidgeting and Finally, She Grabbed a Hold of My Stiffy and Guided It In!
2.27 GB

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