Dream Life of Drinking and Orgies At Home – Dream University Life On My Own After Getting Away From the Countryside! And Drinking With Freshman Girls At Home, Too! Having Never Had Girls in a Room Before, I Owed Much Thanks to My Good-Looking Buddy! Or So I Thought As I Was Isolated Even With 4 of Us Here As the Ladies Wouldn’t Talk to Me Just Like the Old Days in School… As I Wasn’t Part of the Conversation, I Went to Sleep and Then Late At Night, My Friend Tried to Discreetly Have Sex With One of the Girls. Becoming Aware of What Was Going On, I Began Peeking and Then Even the Other Girl Was Doing the Same! Beholding Such Explicit Sex, Not Only Was I Getting So Horny That I Couldn’t Stand It, Was It Me or It Seemed That Other Girl Was Feeling the Same Way!? I Thought My Big Day Had Finally Arrived, But Instead We Got Caught Looking On, I Was Sure They Were Going to Have a 3P and Leave Me Out, I Couldn’t Believe They Ended Up Inviting Me For Orgy Time? If This is a Dream, Please Don’t Wake Me… !
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