“Is She in Love… ?” I Thought As My Longtime Friend Showed Me Her Lucky Underwear! We Always Used to Hang Out, But Not at All Since We Entered That School and Now She’s Got a Boyfriend! I Was Secretly in Love With Her… I Felt My Heart Breaking As She Happily Told Me About This First Guy and First Date… She Wanted My Impression of the Clothes She’d Bought For Her Date and Not Treating Me At All Like a Guy, She Had No Problem Whatsoever With Me Seeing Her Underwear! Moreover, As She Didn’t Think of Me As a Man, She Put On Her First Lucky Underwear to See What I Thought! But Me Seeing Her Like That, I Couldn’t Control Myself and I Popped a Boner… The Atmosphere Became Awkward and Then She Also Started to Become Horny…
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