No Way, I’m in the Same Bath As Students On a Field Trip!? The Inn Mistakenly Put Me in the Same Place As Students and It’s So Noisy! I Want to Complain and I Don’t Even Know Where to Start… Moreover, I Slipped Into a Hot Spring On My Own Only to See Them Start Filing In So Rudely! Of Course, Though I Intended to Complain, I Was So Mesmerized By the Sight of Naked Young Ladies That I Could No Longer Say Anything At All. Rather, I Was in a Most Deplorable Situation As I Got Rock-Hard Down There! Then, the Students Around Me Who Openly Flashed Their Wares Noticed My Condition and Were Completely Fascinated. I Thought They Would Treat Me Like a Perv, But Instead They Came to Me Wanted to Touch It. Plus, Word Got Around So That Even After I Got Out of the Water the Students Were Target My Cock…
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