“It’s OK If You Don’t Use a Condom, Just Stick It to Me! Please! Even If It’s Just Your Dickhead… ” My New Older Sister is After Me! No, She’s Actually After My Cock! After All, She Went to a Girls’ School Known For Being Slutty… My Father Remarried and Suddenly, I Have An Older Sister! Moreover, I Can’t Think of Her in That Way What With Her Being So Cute and Having Big Tits! And What’s More, She Attended a Girls’ School With a Reputation For Bimbos. Anyway, She Shows Me Her Lewdness in All Its Glory, Presenting Herself in a Way So That I Just Don’t Know Where to Look! Confronted With Such a Situation I’ve Never Had to Deal With Before, It’s Well-Nigh Impossible For Me to Not Get a Hard-On!! I Pop a Boner Here, There and Everywhere! It Seems This Has Relit Her Slutty Heart Once Again… She Pounced Upon Me As I Was Sleeping and Made Me Get Hard, Saying “It’s OK If It’s Raw, Just Put It In!!”. Of Course, She Put It In For Me in the Blink of An Eye and Had Me Unload Inside of Her Time and Time Again Until I Could Not Do So Any Further!! (I Must’ve Unloaded Come Inside of Her At Least 3 Times)
2.28 GB

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