“Gramps… What the Hell Are You Doing!!?” I Went to Visit My Grandfather in a Hospital Which Was Filled With Old Folks, and Lo and Behold, He Was Feeling Up a Young Nurse’s Chest and Ass! I Guess Even He Does Such a Thing! He’s My Grandpa and So I’m Not the Least Bit Mad At Him!! Maybe He Wants to Feel Her Up, Because He’s So Old! I Was So Envious of His Circumstances That I Popped a Boner! The Nurse Noticed and Being So Used to the Presence of Elderly Folks, My Young Fiercely Arched Cock Caused Her Sense of Reason to Fly Away and Her Sexual Desire to Become Laid Bare! Even My Grandfather’s Sexual Harassment That She Had Handled With Aplomb Until a Little While Earlier Now Made Her React Nervously!! Unable to Contain Herself, She Sought My Young Dick!!
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