It’s Going So Well! Too Well Maybe! I’ve Got to Do Her!! My Cute, Younger Childhood Friend Who’s Like a Sister to Me’s Developed a Truly Womanly Body. Whenever I Look At Her, I Can’t Help But Have Dirty Thoughts, So I Came Up With a Game Where She Wears a Blindfold With Me Touching Her Lips With Things and She Tries to Guess What They Are. I Thought Maybe I Was Being a Little Too Pushy, But She’s So Innocent and Cheerful She Instantly Said “OK, Let’s Do It, Let’s Do It!” At First I Pressed My Fingers, Elbow and Innocent Things Against Her Lips, But Gradually I Got More and More Bold, Putting More Dangerous Things On Her Lips. Adding the Useful Rule That She Could Use Her Tongue to Lick at Hard to Identify Things, I Got Out My Hard Dick, Put It Against Her Soft Lips and Tilting Her Head, Licked At the Engorged Head of My Erect Dick
2.50 GB

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