How Can She Be So Hot? Wait, No, I Mean, How Horrible, What Happened to Her… ? I’m a No-Good Teacher Who No One Can Count On and Who’s Discovered the Aftermath of a Student Bullied By Other Girls!! I Go Straight to Helping Her As Any Teacher Should Or, I Would, If I Had the Courage Instead, I’m Getting Horny Checking Her Out While She’s in Such An Indecent State!! When I Thought Out Loud “If I Pretend to Help Her, I’ll Get to Touch That Body !”, She Looked At Me With Cloudy Eyes Begging For Help and Now She’s Started Coming Towards Me!? No Way, I’m Going to Get to Be With Her! So, I Abandoned My Responsiblity As a Teacher and Gave Priority to My Perverted Heart…
2.03 GB

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