“You Can’t Open Your Eyes Yet! Tell Me, Can You Tell What I’m Doing Right Now?” To Attend a Buddhist Funeral, a Relative Who Lives in the City and Turned Into a Total Bimbo Came to My Home in the Sticks For the First Time in Age! She Leads An Exciting Life in the City, Wearing Scandalous Clothes and As She’s Kind of a Pervert, How Could I Not End Up With a Boner?!! Of Course, She Quickly Figured Out I Was a Virgin and Made Fun of Me. And, She Also Discovered That My Cock Suffers From Phimosis and Laughed, Making Me Feel On the Verge of Being Traumatized, But When My Slutty Relative Beheld My Sweet Virgin Dick, She Got Horny and Couldn’t Hold Back. “Close Your Eyes”, She Said to Me and When I Did, She…
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