“Um… Why Are You Hard? Uh-Oh… Who Are You!?” On Account of Her Extreme Near-Sightedness, My Friend’s Older Sister Mistook Me For Her Bro and So Had Her Guard Way Down. I Went Over to Hang Out My Friend’s Place and Then His Sister Came Out After Finishing Her Bath. She Couldn’t See Me Clearly As She Didn’t Have Her Glasses On So She Was Talking to Me Thinking I Was Her Brother, Her Tits and Crack On Full Display. Astonished, I Sprung a Boner and Wanting to Enjoy This Miracle, I Played Along, But She Realized I Wasn’t Who She Thought When She Finally Put On Her Glasses. “Who the Fuck Are You?” The Thought That She Had Been Explicitly Baring Herself to a Stranger Startled and Embarrassed Her, And Her Eyes Were Fixed On My Stiffy. I Thought She’d Be Pissed, But Turned On By My Cock, She Said “Don’t Tell My Bro” and Then We Discreetly Fucked.
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