My Good-Looking Classmate Brought a Woman Over to My Place to Use Like a Hotel. Then For Some Reason, He Said He Wanted to See Me and His Woman Having Sex! Uh, Does This Mean I Can Actually Get Laid!? But His Woman Was Totally Against the Idea and Naturally Felt Disgusted By It… Then Again, She Didn’t Want the Stud to Be Upset With Her So She Reluctantly Agreed to Have Sex With Me! Maybe It Was to Be Expected, But As I’m Not Attractive and My Skills Suck She Naturally Didn’t Feel Any Pleasure. Somehow, I Became Irritated and Though the Guy Had Told Me “Be Sure to Use a Condom!”, I Sneakily Removed It and As She Began to Feel Pleasure, She Started to Get Into the Action and When I Came Inside of Her Repeatedly, She Experienced Gratification She Was Not Familiar With!
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