No Boys Allowed In the Girls’ Dorm So He’s the Only Guy There! His Big Sis Lives in a Dorm Where the Sluts Like to Hang Out!? 2 – I Went to the Female Boarding School My Sister Attends to Deliver An Item. Are Guys Rare Here or What? Her Friends Come By One After the Other and Gather to Check Me Out. They Want to Know More About Men! Full of Wonder, My Sister’s Classmates Surround Me and Even If I Wanted to Escape, I Can’t and So I’m Trapped in the Girls’ Dorm. In Their School, They Aren’t Used to Keeping Their Guard Up Around Men and So I See All the Panty Shots and Nip Slips I Could Ever Want! They Strip Me Half-Naked and Keep Touching Me Below the Belt to Satisfy Their Curiosity. I Ended Up Springing a Boner Which Got Them Only More Into It…
2.49 GB

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