Storyteller mogul Fumie Katsura (73) and the “20-year affair” confessed in February based on Enka singer Murasakitsuya (support = 38), to be adult debut 17 days, it was found.
Murasakitsuya then updates its own blog in 16 days, “this time, than Mr.” KMP “, it was decided to release the DVD. This time, it is a new challenge ever. Very, worked hard was. are revealed with all means but please look at. ” DVD “entertainer Murasakitsuya” is released on September 23.
In “KMP” is adult video maker, to the company website, has already completed a special site of the debut DVD, lined with the wording of the extreme publicity there. Shook the entertainment industry in the “affair problem, decision that that celebrities [Murasakitsuya] will finally debut! I will show you the very best all the bombshell BODY and Eroteku that was that big name talent captivated! Bewitching adult thick, hard SEX women show is definitely making all those who look to the prisoner! ”
There is a possibility that the answer in the DVD also uproar and Fumie. “In the main everyone is the work of the season push without only! Masterpiece mistake KMP is the entertainer of the SEX that truth also … was troubled interview also firmly included! 2016 of the impact of the 34 to be worried about is watching!” It is fueled with.

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