TEK-053 Finally MUTEKI AV Debut Adult Asuka Miyama Kawashima Jun
Idol of marginal “Miyama Asuka” is MUTEKI war at last! ! Advent here magic warrior Fontaine in ultimate combo with GIGA! It changed the stage name again on August 25, 2009, it became Miyama Asuka (Asuka Miyama) [15]. It was changed to “Asuka Miyama” Ciel et Mer “” official blog name also follow [16].
Published on April 25, the same year the same day announcement postponed from the fact that New Release schedule of the old name of what new name had already decided was left on the 28th of the same month concept itself of stage name change [17], [18], about four months later, name change actually had been postponed to [19] August 25, sandwiching a new video image of two. Release of September 25 is “HOPE!” His first of the new name is [20].
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