Debut entertainer professional AV from the manufacturer “MUTEKI” on June 1 Kito Momona Mikami YuA (21) has been attracting attention from idle fan.

Mikami the catch copy is attached as “gravure Princess of national idol group” in the same manufacturer’s website. but the original idle a specific career in except that is has not been revealed, from such as the jacket of “Princess Peach” to release, is among fans is not a Kito graduated from SKE48 last April Momona (21) It is Katomi.

Although the AV debut from the normal idle group raised the voice of grief from fans, in the case of Mikami is large voice to expect AV more than that.

Idle writers It was “sober exist in SKE for Kito, active in the gravure taking advantage of the busty E cup. Magazine covers and Weekly Young Jump, as .SKE was sexy personnel won the gravure Princess in the planning of Weekly Playboy Description of the most dominating also competed in the red and white, “said.

On the other hand, “bad behavior is also famous, bed photos and kiss photos of the original he had been posted on the back account of Twitter is discovered or, kiss photo NEWS Tegoshi Yuya in” Shukan Bunshun “in July 2013 or, have been reported to the state to be takeaway, the feeling of the fans are already away. idol group graduates of AV actress ever to physically were not many very charming child. In that respect, if Mikami and body of appeal if Kito enough, yet erotic in man-eater can also be expected to. Not as one fan, I’m willing to AV debut as a man “(supra writer).

Mikami has been showing off also photos weekly magazine “Friday” in tits and hair nude ahead of the debut.

Speaking of “MUTEKI”, had earlier also works that anticlimactic of the no insertion I opened the lid, this time it is sung as “tits rubbed been crazy to have chat Saddle by Blow”, and W is the package back Blow Job, cowgirl, also figure to the 3P. Practicality look rather expensive.

The only pity is given to the character of the “one limited but although I” on the package. It is likely to be debut immediately retired, or really become a legend

Wet French kiss, oral sex and 3P performances, although Shirota management model we have added the actress can not guess who was really born idol group inserted, but Muteki this time, but in good faith, that there are a lot of performances:

Some people may think that the treatment of the obtained SKE48 born actress is not high, but I think the reason is because of “a limited” Muteki simply to do so much of it; and release the back cover is Shazhao understand SKE48 friends You can find how beautiful her body, without understanding SKE48 of AVer you can directly look at this pair of young bare flesh!

Overall there are sweet chest, and small in SKE48 the well-known, why Kito peach dish converted runway, and then went to the first photo shoot obscene performances from curtain it?

After graduating from affiliated groups in urgent need of money may be a reason, but made a big ban before suspected the photos out with her boyfriend kissing her acting career after graduation I’m afraid she may be the end of the key factors determining gold sea fishing. Whatever the reason for her determination to Muteki made films, like the beginning of the article he said, and now the AV industry is the need for a real big thing idol artist qualification attract the attention of fans, while Kito peach dish is this person:

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